Silicone stamps Shore hardness

Different embossing tasks require different types of silicone. The Shore hardness in particular is an important parameter. In our standard assortment, we offer silicones with a hardness of 50, 60, 70, 80 and 90 Shore. Of course, silicones with a lower hardness are available on request and can be obtained on short notice.

Silicone stamps dual component design

Manufacturing deviations of your embossed part can lead to major deviations of the embossing result. A dual component silicone stamp can improve this considerably. To achieve this, two components with different Shore hardness are combined in one stamp.

Silicone plates

We manufacture silicone plates of up to 500mm x 500mm according to your rewuirements. Aluminium in various thicknesses (e.g. 5mm, 10mm) is available as bottom plate.

Technical metal / silicone components

For some technical applications, metal components have to be coated with silicone or rubber (e.g. handling systems, sealing systems). For this area, we also offer our collaboration to develop a tailored solution just for you.

Silicone rubber dies

A small thickness tolerance is an important criterion for high quality.

To guarantee fast deliveries, we prefer to use many different dimensions and basic silicone and aluminium thicknesses.

We can even implement custom solutions for you fast!