Data Transfer

We can process many kinds of data and formats, for example:

  • Illustrator CS5
  • Corel Draw
  • vectorised Ai
  • 3D IGES, Parasolid

Please remember to convert the text paths when you send your data! Send logos and special symbols as vector graphs. Save graphs without fill colour.

The most suitable data format is: .Ai - Adobe Illustrator.

Please send all fonts that were used in your design! Alternatively, please convert all texts into paths.

If you send PDF files, please ensure that they contain vector graphs only.

"Pixel graphs" are suitable for further processing. Suitable formats are, e.g. .tif, .bmp. and .jpg. Please create and send these image files in the largest possible size.

We use Mastercam to read in model data (= 3D data). We can read in IGES, Parasolid and VGA data.